You send us terms of requirements.
If you don't have, not a problem, we will do it! Our experts will come to the site for measurements.
Within 3 working days you will receive a general calculation (work and materials) on a turnkey basis
and this is absolutely free.


We provide a cost estimate in clear,
you will see the cost of work and material separately.
Due to well-established channels, we buy material at a price below market.
Due to internal processes optimisation
we were able to introduce high quality at affordable prices.

The process or how we do it

Our team will start working within 2 days after approval of the estimate and advance payment.
You don't need to go to the site every day or to the market for the material, control work, etc.
Our foreman is constantly present on the object, moreover the site supervision and quality control periodically visit the object.

As a result

As a result, you get a turnkey repair, with a democratic final cost and without a headache.
We give guarantees for all types of work from year and above.
We meet international standards and requirements for quality and management.


GStroy also acts as a general contractor and/or subcontractor for construction,
construction and installation works, etc.
We carry out all types of work, starting from obtaining a construction permit and design,
ending with the commissioning of the object.

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